Digital Movie Sales and Rentals for July 29th to August 4th, 2019

(Reston, VA and Los Angeles, CA) The official estimates, of the digital movie sales and rentals, are now available.  The latter, are for the week of July 29th to August 4th, 2019.  Additionally, the provided data is the courtesy of Comscore, and it is part, of the aforementioned business’s media services.  These services; in essence, boil down movie and television data so that it can be measured, tracked and planned. 
            The top 20, estimates of the digital movie sales and rentals, are in order.  Additionally, a link to the movie trailer, has been provided.  Watching the movie trailer, is only one step before, actually watching the movie.  If the movie is watched, then, the data proves to be correct.  A correctly boiled down data means that, these movies were successfully tracked and planned.  The official list is as follows:
  • 1).  Avengers:  Endgame (2019)/Disney (NYSE:  DIS).
  • 2).  Long Shot (2019)/Lionsgate (NYSE:  LGF.A and LGF.B).
  • 3).  Shazam! (2019)/Warner (NYSE:  TWX).
  • 4).  Alita:  Battle Angel (2019)/FOX (NASDAQ:  FOX.A and FOX).
  • 5).  Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)/Warner (NYSE:  TWX).
  • 6).  Hellboy (2019)/Lionsgate (NYSE:  LGF.A and LGF.B).
  • 7).  Uglydolls (2019)/STX Entertainment.
  • 8).  The Intruder (2019)/Sony (NYSE:  SNE).
  • 9).  Pet Sematary (2019)/Paramount (NYSE:  VIA and VIA.B).
  • 10).  Captain Marvel (2019)/Disney (NYSE:  DIS).
  • 11).  The Upside (2019)/STX Entertainment.
  • 12).  Breakthrough (2019)/FOX (NASDAQ:  FOX.A and FOX).
  • 13).  Creed II (2018)/MGM.
  • 14).  Escape Room (2019)/Sony (NYSE:  SNE).
  • 15).  Spider-Man:  Homecoming (2017)/Sony (NYSE:  SNE).
  • 16).  The Mule (2018)/Warner (NYSE:  TWX).
  • 17).  Aquaman (2018)/Warner (NYSE:  TWX).
  • 18).  Missing Link (2019)/FOX (NASDAQ:  FOX.A and FOX).
  • 19).  Five Feet Apart (2019)/Lionsgate (NYSE:  LGF.A and LGF.B).
  • 20).  Wonder Park (2019)/Paramount (NYSE:  VIA and VIA.B).

The Data: 

Digital Movie Sales & Rentals
for the Week:  July 29th to August 4th, 2019
Movie Title
1).  Avengers:  Endgame (2019)
Disney (NYSE:  DIS)
2).  Long Shot (2019)
Lionsgate (NYSE:  LGF.A and LGF.B)
3).  Shazam! (2019)
Warner (NYSE:  TWX)
4).  Alita:  Battle Angel (2019)
5).  Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)
Warner (NYSE:  TWX)
6).  Hellboy (2019)
Lionsgate (NYSE:  LGF.A and LGF.B)
7).  Uglydolls (2019)
STX Entertainment
8).  Intruder, The (2019)
Sony (NYSE:  SNE)
9).  Pet Sematary (2019)
Paramount (NYSE:  VIA and VIA.B)
10).  Captain Marvel (2019)
Disney (NYSE:  DIS)
11).  Upside, The (2019)
STX Entertainment
12).  Breakthrough (2019)
13).  Creed II (2018)
14).  Escape Room (2019)
Sony (NYSE:  SNE)
15).  Spider-Man:  Homecoming (2017)
Sony (NYSE:  SNE)
16).  Mule, The (2018)
Warner (NYSE:  TWX)
17).  Aquaman (2018)
Warner (NYSE:  TWX)
18).  Missing Link (2019)
19).  Five Feet Apart (2019)
Lionsgate (NYSE:  LGF.A and LGF.B)
20).  Wonder Park (2019)
Paramount (NYSE:  VIA and VIA.B)
Source: Comscore Digital Download Essentials Industry Service
*Excludes NBC Universal and non-participating Independent distributors*

            To end, Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ:  SCOR) is a well trusted third party source.  Additionally, it is respected for the ability to plan, transact and evaluate media across the various contemporary media platforms.  Through advanced audience insights, Comscore, allows media buyers and sellers to make business decisions accurately.  As previously stated, the official estimates of the digital movie sales and rentals, are now available.  The latter, are for the week of July 29th to August 4th, 2019.  Lastly, the data is the courtesy of, Comscore.

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