Digital Date for Step Up China (2019)

(Santa Monica, CA) The Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. d.b.a. Lionsgate, formally, revealed the Digital street date for Step Up China (2019).  Step Up China (2019) is to be made available on Digital on January 21st, 2020.  The Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. d.b.a. Lionsgate (NYSE:  LGF.A and LGF.B), is a major movie studio.  Additionally, it can leverage the power of global distribution, in order, to deliver to younger and next-generation audiences; exciting video content.  The video content is geared towards and defined as films, television series, video related digital products, linear conventional media platforms and over the top conventional media platforms. 
            This particular movie is categorized under the musical genre.  Additionally, this movie is the sixth and final chapter, of a series of movies.  The other feature films in the series of movies are; Step Up (2006), Step Up 2:  The Streets (2008), Step Up 3D (2010), Step Up Revolution (2012) and Step Up All In (2014).  In this chapter, an ultimate dance battle royale, is all set and ready.  Additionally, the stage is Beijing China.  The release date is June 26th, 2019.  The release date is for the Country of Philippines.  Additionally; this movie does have an alternate title, and, it is the official alternate title for the United States of America.  The alternate title is, Step Up:  Year of the Dance (2019).  Step Up China (2019) is headlined by Jade Chynoweth, Janelle Ginestra, Sean Lew, Mei Qi, Super Dino and Owodog.  The street date, is the date when retailers can make the product available to the general public.
            Other notable information is as follows.  The other notable information begins with, the country of origin.  The country of origin is China.  The official languages are English and Mandarin.  The other notable information continues with, the box office data.  Regrettably, there is limited box office data that is available, for this particular movie.  The cumulative worldwide gross is, $224,940 USD.  The original budget is estimated at, $17 million USD.  There is no more box office data that is available.  There are other notable release dates, for this particular movie.  Other notable release dates include the following:  Lebanon, July 11, 2019; Vietnam, July 19, 2019; Russia, July 25, 2019; Ukraine, July 25, 2019; Cambodia, July 26, 2019 and France, September 9, 2019 (Internet).  There is one other production company, which is listed for this movie.  The production company is Lions Gate Films.  Lastly, there are seven distributors, which are listed for this movie.  All of these distributors are CJ CGV Viet Nam (2019) (Vietnam) (Theatrical), Digi-Optic Films (2019) (Philippines) (Theatrical), Lions Gate Entertainment (2017) (World Wide) (Theatrical), Phars Film (2019) (United Arab Emirates) (Theatrical), SB Film (2019) (Russia) (Theatrical), Sabay MVP (2019) (Cambodia) (Theatrical) and Wanda Media Co. (2019) (China) (Theatrical).

The technical information is as follows. 
Technical Information Digital, Step Up China (2019): 
  • Street Date:  January 21, 2020.
  • Production Year:  2019.
  • Copyright:  Beijing YueHua Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Infinity Pictures Co., Ltd.; 2018.  All Rights Reserved.
  • Genre:  Music and Drama.
  • Type of Release:  Digital Release.
  • Video Format:  H.D. and S.D. Files. 
  • Languages/Sound:  No Available Information. 
  • Rating:  Not Rated.
  • Subtitles:  English.
  • Closed-Captioned:  None. 
  • Run Time:  1 Hour 40 Minutes.
  • Cast:  Jade Chynoweth, Janelle Ginestra, Sean Lew, Mei Qi, Super Dino and Owodog.
  • Executive Producer:  Dede Nickerson.
  • Producer:  Ron Yuan.
  • Writer:  Li Wei.
  • Director:  Ron Yuan.

            To end, the brief synopsis is as follows.  Step Up China (2019) is the musical story, of an ultimate dance battle royale.  In this sixth chapter, of a series of movies, Beijing China is the stage.  Additionally, the LMNTrix crew is back and ready to compete in Beijing.  At the same time, Beijing street dancers from different social classes come together.  The unification, is to be able to, join forces.  As a unified dance crew, China’s best dance crew is put together.  Ultimately, the ultimate dance battle royale, determines everything.

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