Movie Narrative: Dogville (2003)

The captivation of moving pictures is a source of tremendous inspiration.  For this reason and many more, RB28’s Movie Narratives, continues showing our love for movies with another movie narrative.  This week, Dogville (2003), will be converted into a narrative and subsequently highlighted.  It is implied that the blog reader reads the movie narrative, and then, he or she should watch the movie.  The effort is to give to blog reader, an enhanced experience.  RB28’s Movie Narratives, ends this movie narrative of Dogville (2003), with some Hollywood facts. 

Dogville (2003) is rated R.  Furthermore, it is 2 hours and 58 minutes long.  This movie is categorized under the crime and drama genre.  The official release date is April 23rd, 2004.  The release date is for the Country of the United States of America.  The director was Lars Von Trier.  The writer was Lars Von Trier.  The officially recognized stars were Nicole Kidman, Paul Bettany and Lauren Bacall.  The list of the 15 most important cast members is as follows:

  • Nicole Kidman (Grace Margaret Mulligan).
  • Harriet Anderson (Gloria).
  • Lauren Bacall (Ma Ginger).
  • Jean-Marc Barr (The Man with the Big Hat).
  • Paul Bettany (Tom Edison).
  • Blair Brown (Mrs. Henson).
  • James Caan (The Big Man).
  • Patricia Clarkson (Vera).
  • Jeremy Davies (Bill Henson).
  • Ben Gazzara (Jack McKay).
  • Philip Baker Hall (Tom Edison, Sr.).
  • Thom Hoffman (Gangster).
  • Siobhan Fallon Hogan (Martha).
  • John Hurt (Narrator).
  • Zeljko Ivanek (Ben).

The synopsis follows.  Dogville (2003) is an unorthodox classic movie.  This classic and unorthodox movie is filmed, as if it was, a live theater performance.  Furthermore, Dogville is the name of a tiny, or miniature, town in the Rocky Mountains, U.S.A.  Dogville is painted on the floor of the stage, and, the lights change with the time of day.  Canyon Road is the entrance and exit of Dogville.  Additionally, Elm Street is the principal street, and, it runs through the middle of Dogville.  Tom Edison, Sr. and Tom Edison, Jr. live together, and, in the best house in Dogville.  Tom Edison, Sr. is a retired doctor, and, he receives money from a pension.  Tom Edison, Jr. is an aspiring and procrastinating author.  One faithful night, Tom Edison, Jr. is standing on Elm Street.  He walks around the town, and, he thinks that he heard a gunshot.  Tom walks to where Elm Street meets Canyon Road.  He waits and falls asleep on a bench.  Unexpectedly, Grace Margaret Mulligan enters Dogville.  She walks on Canyon Road, and then, onto Elm Street.  Furthermore, she arrives at the place where Moses, the dog, sleeps.  Grace steals his bone and hides in the abandoned mine.  At this time, Tom Edison, Jr. has woken up, and, immediately sees Grace.  Tom approaches Grace, and unexpectedly, an unknown car is driving in Dogville.  Grace asks Tom for help.  Furthermore, Tom talks to the occupants of the car.  It results that, the occupants are gangsters.  The crime boss is also in the car, and, he talks to Tom.  He tells Tom that, he is looking for a woman.  Tom denies knowledge of a woman.  The crime boss gives Tom a card, and, asks him to call him; if he knows something.  Tom and Grace talk, and, Tom decides to help Grace.  The next day, the adults of Dogville hold a meeting to discuss Grace.  Dogville agrees to extend hospitality to Grace, and, she is given two weeks of refuge.  Time passes, the adults of Dogville vote to keep Grace in the town.  Unfortunately, a police officer arrives and puts up a wanted poster.  The wanted poster has Grace’s picture, on it.  Furthermore, the police officer tells Dogville that, she is wanted for robbing banks on the west coast.  The adults of Dogville immediately change, and, life changes for Grace.  Finally, during a second faithful night, Tom Edison, Jr. realizes that Grace is a threat to him.  Tom implements actions to get rid off Grace.  Director Lars Von Trier does an excellent job directing this movie.  Dogville (2003) is definitely an orthodox classic movie.  As the writer, Lars Von Trier does an equally excellent job.  There is a narrator that cleverly and very engagingly, takes the viewer through the movie.  Needless to say, everything is extremely well written and fantastic.  The officially recognized stars, are also, equally extraordinary.  Nicole Kidman and Paul Bettany would be missed, if they were not chosen.  Furthermore, special recognition is merited to Nicole Kidman for the Grace Margaret Mulligan character.  Overall, this movie earns the rating of 8 out of 10.

The movie narrative is as follows.  This movie is filmed, as if it was, a live theater performance.  Dogville is the name of the town.  Furthermore, the town is tiny or miniature.  Dogville is painted on the stage floor.  The lights around the stage change, according to the time of the day.  The actors walk around the stage, and, the camera follows.  Finally, there is always a narrator that takes the viewer, step by step, through this story.  The story is comprised of a prologue, and, nine chapters.  The prologue starts.  The town is tiny, furthermore, Canyon Road is the entrance and exit of Dogville.  Elm Street is the principal street, furthermore, it is in the middle of the town.  The people of Dogville are poor, and, they each have their own specialized job.  Dogville is in the Rocky Mountains, U.S.A.  Tom Edison, Jr. and Tom Edison, Sr. live in the best house in the town.  Tome Edison, Sr. is a retired doctor, and, he receives money from a pension.  Tom Edison, Jr. is an aspiring and procrastinating author.  Tom leaves the house and stands on Elm Street.  He says hello to Olivia, and, he has small talk with Chuck.  Chuck is the father to several children, and, he is married to Vera.  Tom travels to the Mission House, and, talks to Martha.  The Mission House is the church, but, it doesn’t have a priest.  Martha plays the organ, and, she watches the Mission House.  Furthermore, Martha rings the bell.  Tom walks and talks to Ma Ginger.  Ma Ginger is raking her gooseberry orchard.  Gloria is present, and, she becomes part of the conversation.  Unexpectedly, Ben arrives driving his truck.  The truck is a delivery, or freight truck, and it is the only one in Dogville.  Tom helps Ben arrive at Dogville.  Tom passes time by himself sitting on a bench.  Bill is dumb, and, he plays checkers with Tom.  Bill and Tom are friends since they were children.  Bill is also Liz’s brother.  Bill and Liz are part of the Henson Family.  Tom is sexually attracted to Liz.  Tom passes time playing checkers with Bill.  The prologue ends, and, chapter one begins.  Tom passes time, by himself, on Elm Street.  Tom believes that, he heard gun shots.  He walks to where Canyon Road meets Elm Street.  Tom sits on the bench that, is located there.  After some time, Tom falls asleep on the bench.  Unexpectedly; Grace enters Dogville, furthermore, she walked on Canyon Road, and onto, Elm Street.  Grace walks to the end of Elm Street, and, she steals a bone from Moses.  Moses is the dog of Dogville.  Tom hears Moses barking, and, he walks to the end of Elm Street. Immediately, Tom sees Grace.  Grace tries to hide, but, she is unable to hide.  Unexpectedly, a car appears on Canyon Road, and, it continues onto Elm Street.  Grace asks Tom for help, in hiding.  Tom helps Grace hide in the abandoned mine.  The car has gangsters inside.  Furthermore, Tom talks to the gangsters.  The crime boss is also in the car.  The crime boss tells Tom that, he is looking for a woman.  Tom denies knowledge of a woman, entering Dogville.  The crime boss gives Tom a card.  He also asks Tom to call him, if he sees the woman.  The car and the gangsters, leave Dogville.  Grace goes to Tom’s house, with Tom.  At Tom’s house, Grace and Tom pass time talking.  Grace tells Tom that, she was raised to be an arrogant woman.  Tom asks about the gangsters, but, Grace doesn’t give up information.  Furthermore, Grace tells Tom that, she doesn’t have a family; only a father.  Grace also says that, the gangsters took her father away.  Tom extends an invitation to Grace, to stay in Dogville.  The next day, Tom gives a lecture to the adults of Dogville.  The lecture was given at the Mission House.  During the lecture, Grace hides in the abandoned mine.  As part of the lecture, Tom takes Grace to meet the adults of Dogville.  The adults of Dogville know that, Grace is being looked for by gangsters.  Furthermore, that she needs a place of refuge.  The adults of Dogville decide to give Grace two weeks of refuge, in Dogville.  Tom becomes the person in charge of Grace.  Furthermore, they stand on Elm Street, and, Tom teaches her Dogville.  Olivia and June are first.  Olivia is a black woman. She lives in Dogville, because, Tom Edison, Sr. helped her.  Olivia is also the cleaning woman.  June is Olivia’s daughter, and, she is crippled.  Second is Chuck and Vera, they have 7 children.  Furthermore, Dogville knows that Chuck and Vera hate each other.  Third is the Henson Family.  The Henson family polishes cheap glass, so that, it looks like expensive glass.  Fourth is Jack McKay, furthermore, he is a man who is blind.  Jack also tries to fool Dogville, into thinking that, he is not blind.  Fifth is Ben, furthermore, he lives by himself.  Ben is also the freight truck driver.  Sixth is Martha, furthermore, she lives in and watches the Mission House.  Seventh is Ma Ginger and Gloria, furthermore, Ma Ginger is the owner of the grocery store.  Gloria is Ma Ginger’s cousin.  Chapter one ends, and, chapter two begins.  Tom suggests to Grace that, she should offer physical labor to the adults of Dogville.  Tom believes that, Grace would win acceptance this way.  The physical labor would be 1 hour for each day.  Grace offers physical labor to the adults, of Dogville.  Unfortunately, the adults of Dogville don’t accept Grace’s offer.  Finally, Grace receives some luck.  Tom helps Grace secure work from Ma Ginger.  Grace is going to take care of the wild gooseberry bushes for Ma Ginger.  Ma Ginger teaches Grace, how to take care of, the gooseberry bushes.  The adults of Dogville watch, and, they realize that they want things done.  Grace starts to do physical labor for the rest of Dogville.  The exemption was Chuck and Vera.  Tom develops an idea, so that, Grace does physical labor for Chuck and Vera.  Tom believes that, the entrance is through Vera.  Tom told Vera that, Grace would watch her children.  Meanwhile, both of them would attend an intellectual lecture in the Town of Georgetown.  The next day, Grace watches Vera’s children.  The day becomes night, Chuck returns home.  Furthermore, Vera hasn’t returned home.  Chuck is angry, but, he tries to talk to Grace.  He also warns Grace that Dogville is rotten, and, that it fools the people who live there.  Vera returns, and, chapter two ends.  Chapter three begins, the two weeks of refuge in Dogville have ended.  Grace passes time talking to Jack.  Furthermore, she confronts him about being blind.  Jack confesses to Grace that, he is blind.  The adults of Dogville go to the Mission House, to hold a meeting about Grace.  The two weeks of time, have officially ended.  Grace decides that, she will wait for the vote to stay at the abandoned mine.  Furthermore, she asks for the bell to be rung for each vote.  15 is the number of votes that, will let her stay in Dogville.  Grace collects her things.  Furthermore; she discovers that, the adults of Dogville left her things or gifts.  Tom left a map that shows Grace, how to escape Dogville.  At the abandoned mine, Grace heard the 15 rings, which let her stay, in Dogville.  Tom goes to greet Grace after the vote.  Chapter three ends, and, chapter four begins.  The time of the year is spring into early summer. Grace continues with her routine of providing physical labor, to the adults of Dogville.  Grace starts to receive wages for her work.  Additionally, she buys her first porcelain figurine from Ma Ginger’s store.  Three weeks later, the adults of Dogville give Grace the old mill, as her house.  Grace starts to help Chuck in the apple orchard, as part of, the physical labor that she performs.  Unexpectedly, Dogville is alerted that, the police are in town.  The police officer puts up a poster on the Mission House.  The police poster has a picture of Grace on it, with the words missing written on it.  That night, the adults of Dogville have a meeting to talk about the police poster.  Chapter four ends, and, chapter five begins.  Dogville holds a celebration for the 4th of July, also known as, American Independence Day.  During the celebration, Tom and Grace pass time together and apart from the group.  Tom tells Grace that, he loves her.  Grace tells Tom that, she loves him.  During dinner, Dogville express gratitude to Grace.  Unexpectedly, a police car is seen on Canyon Road.  Grace leaves to hide in the abandoned mine.  The police officer takes down the poster, with the words missing on it.  The police officer puts up, in its place, a poster with a picture of Grace.  The new poster has the words wanted on it.  The police officer says that, Grace is wanted because she robs banks on the west coast.  Furthermore, the police officer adds that, she is considered to be dangerous.  Grace continues with her routine, but, Dogville has changed.  Tom and Grace talk, furthermore, Grace wants to leave.  Tom rejects the idea of leaving.  Instead, Tom suggests that Grace should visit the adults of Dogville, for physical labor two times a day.  Furthermore, Tom also suggests accepting fewer wages.  Grace agrees to do what, Tom suggests.  Grace returns to ask Tom, if he still has the card that the crime boss gave him.  Tom says that, he doesn’t have it.  Time passes and Grace does more physical labor for the adults of Dogville.  Unexpectedly, Grace starts to make mistakes during her work.  The adults of Dogville start, to reprimand Grace.  One night, Grace returns with Chuck from the apple orchard.  Chuck attempted to kiss and touch Grace, earlier in the day.  Chuck reprimands Grace for the lack of respect.  Grace attempts to diffuse the situation.  Tom and Grace talk at Grace’s house.  Furthermore, Grace tells Tom all of the problems that, she is having.  Tom deflects what Grace is telling him.  Chapter five ends, and, chapter six begins.  Grace is teaching, or educating, Chuck and Vera’s children.  Jason, one of Chuck’s boys, starts to misbehave in an aggressive way.  The aggression is also sexual in nature.  Jason wants Grace to spank him.  Furthermore, he does things to the baby.  Finally, Grace spanks Jason.  The spanking was sexual to Jason.  Unexpectedly, Chuck arrives home early.  He enters in an aggressive manner, but, he is also helpful.  Chuck tells Grace that, the police have arrived with the F.B.I.  Chuck lets Grace hide in his house.  Unfortunately, Chuck takes advantage of the situation, and, he rapes Grace.  After raping Grace, Chuck helps with the police and the F.B.I.  Chapter six ends, and, chapter seven begins.  Tom visits Grace to talk.  Grace tells Tom about being raped by Chuck.  Tom wants to tell the people, but, Grace refuses.  Vera confronts Grace about hitting Jason.  Vera is extremely angry at Grace, and, Vera takes away watching her children as a job.  Furthermore, Liz is present and Vera confronts Grace about a romantic relationship with Tom.  Liz becomes angry with Grace over, Grace being with Tom.  The next morning, Jack starts to touch Grace in a sexual way.  That evening, Chuck rapes Grace, for a second time, in the apple orchard.  One night; Vera, along with Liz and Mrs. Henson, confronts Grace about having sex with her husband.  Furthermore, Vera breaks Grace’s collection of porcelain figurines; as a warning to stay away from her husband and children.  Tom and Grace meet and talk about, Grace escaping from Dogville.  Tom decides that asking Ben, for help, is the best option.  Furthermore, Tom will ask to borrow money from his father, in order, to pay Ben.  The next morning, Grace goes to talk about being transported out of Dogville.  Grace offers $10 dollars, and, Ben agrees.  Furthermore, Ben will help Grace escape when he has to transport the apples out of Dogville.  The night before the escape, Tom attempts to have sex with Grace.  Unfortunately, Tom is not successful.  The morning of the escape, Grace is confronted by the adults of Dogville.  Furthermore, they all have work for Grace to do.  Grace arrives at Ben’s truck, and, Ben changes the plan.  Ben asks for the payment at the beginning, of the transportation.  Unexpectedly, Ben stops and pretends that, the police have blocked the roads.  Ben demands more money for the escape.  Grace doesn’t have money, unfortunately for Grace; Ben collects payment in the form of rape.  After Ben rapes Grace, he turns around and drives back to Dogville.  Grace wakes up in Dogville, furthermore, she discovers that the adults of Dogville are waiting for her.  The escape attempt officially fails.  It results that, the previous night, the adults of Dogville had a meeting to discuss stolen money that was taken from Tom Edison, Sr.  Tom Edison, Jr. didn’t borrow the money, after all.  He also didn’t help Grace at the meeting.  That night, the adults of Dogville decide to punish Grace.  They dig up an old iron wheel.  Furthermore, they place an iron collar, with a bell attached to the collar, on Grace’s neck.  Lastly, they use a very long iron chain, and, they attach the chain to the iron wheel and the iron collar on Grace’s neck.  The adults of Dogville, officially, put Grace on a chain.  Chapter seven ends, and, chapter eight begins.  Tom talks to Grace at, Grace’s house.  Tom confesses that he told his father that, she stole the money.  Tom promises to help her.  Grace continues with her routine and work, wearing the chain and iron wheel.  Unfortunately, the mistreatment becomes sexual.  Jack starts to sexually touch Grace in a more aggressive way.  Chuck and Vera are embarrassed, by the fact that, Dogville knows that Chuck raped Grace.  The majority of the men of Dogville, start to visit Grace at her house, in order to rape her.  Tom feels a unique pain, due to the fact that, the majority of the men rape Grace.  The adults of Dogville, hold another meeting at the Mission House.  The meeting is about Grace, and, she makes a speech at the meeting.  Unfortunately, after the meeting something changed for Tom.  Tom realizes that, Grace is a threat to him.  From this point forward; the series of events, take the viewer, to the end.  You have to watch, to know, Tom’s actions after he realizes that Grace is a threat to him.  Finally; you have to watch, to know how, the movie ends, and, to know Grace’s true relationship with the crime boss of the gangsters. 

The movie narrative of the feature film, Dogville (2003), ends with some Hollywood facts.  The countries of origin are Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy and Norway.  The official language is English.  There are other notable release dates.  The other notable dates are:  France, May 19, 2003 (Cannes Film Festival); Russia, June 24, 2003 (Moscow Film Festival); U.S.A., August 29, 2003 (Telluride Film Festival) and Canada, September 7, 2003 (Toronto International Film Festival).  There are 3 filming locations, in total, for this particular movie.  The locations are:  Trollhattan, Vastra Gotalands Ian, Sweden; Film i Vast, Nohab Industrial Estate, Trollhattan, Vastra Gotalands Ian, Sweden and Filmbyen, Avedore, Sjaelland, Denmark.  There is box office data for this movie.  The original budget is estimated at kr 83 million DKK (Danish Krone).  The opening weekend is for the Country of France, and, on May 23, 2003.  On its opening weekend, this movie made $661,452 USD.  This movie is closed in theatres on June 11, 2004, and, for the Country of the United States of America.  The gross profits, that are reported, are $1,530,386 USD.  The filming dates, that are reported, are January 2002 to March 2002.  This particular movie has several production companies.  Eight of the production companies include the following;  Zentropa Entertainments, Isabella Films B.V., Something Else B.V., Memfis Film, Trollhattan Film AB, Pain Unlimited GmbH Filmproduktion, Sigma Films and Zoma Films Ltd.  There are several distributors for this movie.  A small amount of these distributors include the following:  Trust Film Sales, A-Film Distribution (Netherlands); Central Partnership (Russia); Icon Film Distribution (UK) and Lions Gate Films (U.S.A.).   

To end and as always, RB28’s Movie Narratives, encourages you to continue reading the posted movie narratives.  The aforementioned blog strives to provide basic information, so that it, becomes inspiration.  Movies are a great pleasure to RB28’s Movie Narratives, and, the blog’s author hopes that they are for you as well.  For this week, and in conclusion, the feature film was Dogville (2003).  RB28’s Movie Narratives looks forward to seeing you next week, when we highlight another movie.



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