Movie Narrative: Empire of the Sun (1987)

The captivation of moving pictures is a source of tremendous inspiration.  For this reason and many more, RB28’s Movie Narratives, continues showing our love for movies with another movie narrative.  This week, Empire of the Sun (1987), will be converted into a narrative and subsequently highlighted.  It is implied that the blog reader reads the movie narrative, and then, he or she should watch the movie.  The effort is to give the blog reader, an enhanced experience.  RB28’s Movie Narratives, ends this movie narrative of Empire of the Sun (1987), with some Hollywood facts. 
Empire of the Sun (1987) is rated PG.  Furthermore, it is 2 hours and 33 minutes long.  This movie is categorized under the drama, history and war genre.  The official release date is December 25th, 1987.  The release date is for the Country of the United States of America.  The director was Steven Spielberg.  The writers were J.G. Ballard and Tom Stoppard.  The officially recognized stars were Christian Bale, John Malkovich and Miranda Richardson.  The list of the 15 most important cast members is as follows: 
  • Christian Bale (Jim).
  • John Malkovich (Basie).
  • Miranda Richardson (Mrs. Victor).
  • Nigel Havers (Dr. Rawlins).
  • Joe Pantoliano (Frank Demarest).
  • Leslie Phillips (Maxton).
  • Masato Ibu (Sgt. Nagata).
  • Emily Richard (Mary Graham/Jim’s Mother).
  • Rupert Frazer (John Graham/Jim’s Father).
  • Peter Gale (Mr. Victor).
  • Takataro Kataoka (Kamikaze Boy Pilot).
  • Ben Stiller (Dainty).
  • David Neidorf (Tiptree).
  • Ralph Seymour (Cohen).
  • Robert Stephens (Mr. Lockwood).
The synopsis follows.  Empire of the Sun (1987) is a timeless cinematographic adventure.  Furthermore, this World War II story is a classic movie.  This movie comes to life and it transports the viewer to Shanghai China, in the year 1941.  In Shanghai, China, there are British and other Westerners living their lives.  They own industry and commerce businesses, and, they are also exceedingly wealthy.  The Chinese Army is in a stalemate against the Japanese Army.  The stalemate has become part of the lives of the people, who live in and around Shanghai.  One day, the Japanese Army ends the stalemate and successfully conquers the city.  The lives of the British and other Westerners are dramatically changed, for forever.  Jim Graham is a boy, and, the movie is centered on him.  Jim is separated from his parents when, the Japanese conquer Shanghai.  Jim, the other British and Westerners end up in an internment camp called Soochow Creek Internment Camp.  Everyone at the camp learns to accept their lives, as civilian prisoners of war.  The story is a fascinating adventure that, dramatically shows the state of the war, in relation to, the living conditions at the camp.  Ultimately, the United States of America enters this war, and, successfully pushes the Japanese out.  Everyone at the camp is rescued when the Americans take the camp, and, the surrounding area.  Director Steven Spielberg does a phenomenal cinematographic job.  This story truly comes to life.  Furthermore, this story is a simple story, and, the director successfully fills time with emotions and awe.  The writers do an equally phenomenal job in writing, Jim Graham.  The Jim Graham character grabs the viewer’s attention, and, successfully holds it for the duration of this movie.  The officially recognized stars of this movie are essential, and, contribute immensely.  Special recognition is merited to Christian Bale for a superb Jim Graham.  Furthermore, special recognition is also merited to John Malkovich for an equally superb Basie.  Overall, this movie earns the rating of 9 out of 10.  Furthermore, this movie definitely goes in the collection; automatically. 
The movie narrative is as follows.  This movie is a World War II movie.  Furthermore, it is a story from the British side.  In particular, it is a story about a British boy who lives in Shanghai, China.  His parents are part of a large group of British, and other Westerners that, live in Shanghai.  These people own industry and commerce businesses, and, they are exceedingly wealthy.  As context for the beginning of this movie, there is a stalemate between the Japanese Army and the Chinese Army.  The two countries have been in a state of undeclared war since 1941.  To the British and Westerners, the stalemate has become part of their lives, and, part of the life of Jim Graham.  Jim Graham lives the life of a child born into wealth and privilege.  Furthermore, his life in Shanghai China is the same, if he was living in England.  Jim’s parents have a Chinese chauffer, maids and servants.  Jim is permitted to do as he wishes.  Jim is not restricted to chores or manners.  One day, Jim and his parents attend a party at the house of another British family.  The party is a costume party.  Furthermore, the house has a large field, or countryside that, is part of the property.  Jim is playing in the field, when he discovers a ruined and abandoned Japanese War Airplane.  He continues playing around the airplane, and, he discovers a large group of Japanese soldiers.  Jim’s father and another man find Jim, and, take him away.  Jim’s father and the other adult British start, to make plans to leave to Singapore.  Jim’s father decides to keep his family, at a hotel in Shanghai.  Jim is in his hotel room playing, when he notices a ship of the Japanese Navy.  Unexpectedly, the ship fires its guns, and, the battles start.  The stalemate, officially, comes to an end.  The streets erupt into chaos.  The hotel erupts into chaos.  Jim and his parents attempt, to leave the hotel, surrounded by chaos.  Jim and his parents are forced to leave their automobile behind, and, walk the streets.  The streets are filled with people, and, the family quickly becomes separated.  At first; Jim is with his mother, however, they become separated.  Somehow, Jim is able to return to his house.  The house is empty, and, it has been confiscated by the Japanese Army.  Jim is able to enter the house, and, he waits there alone for his parents.  Jim’s parents don’t return, and, he decides to leave.  Immediately, Jim sees his neighbors being transported by the Japanese Army.  Jim tries, but, he is unable to get on the truck that is transporting his neighbors.  Shanghai has been successfully conquered by the Japanese.  Jim rides his bicycle through the streets, and, no one cares about him.  A Chinese boy beats Jim, and, steals his shoes.  Jim is running away from the Chinese boy, when a truck almost hits him.  An American named Frank is driving the truck.  Frank takes Jim to another American named, Basie.  Jim stays for the night, with Frank and Basie.  Frank and Basie take Jim to a Chinese man.  The Chinese man doesn’t have an interest in Jim, and, they leave him on the street.  Jim begs Basie, and, he tells him that he will take him to his neighborhood so that he can steal from the houses.  Frank and Basie, say yes.  The group returns to Jim’s house, however, the Japanese Army is living in the house.  Japanese soldiers beat Basie, and, arrest the group.  The group is detained in a warehouse with other British and Westerners.  One day, Basie is going to be transported out to another location.  Jim goes crazy, and, begs Basie to take him with him.  A Japanese soldier puts Jim in the truck, and, a large group is transported to another location.  When they arrive at the camp, the Japanese make the British and Westerners move rocks, and, construct an airfield.  Time passes, the British and Westerners are in a permanent camp.  Frank and Basie are there, and, they live with other Americans.  Jim sleeps next to Mr. and Mrs. Victor.  Everyone has accepted their lives as prisoners.  Jim also helps the doctor, and, is involved in trading products.  Furthermore, Jim doesn’t associate with the other children.  He associates with Frank, Basie and the other Americans.  Through the Japanese soldiers, you can see the state of the war.  At the beginning, they have a lot of soldiers and supplies.  At the end, they have a very small amount of soldiers and supplies.  There is also a Japanese boy that, is a parallel line to Jim.  The camp is called Soochow Creek Internment Camp.  The year is 1945.  From this point forward; the series of events, take the viewer, to the end.  Jim lives with the American men for a short amount of time.  However, he quickly returns to living next to Mr. and Mrs. Victor.  Ultimately, the story is about the Americans, or, the U.S. Army.  As the Americans come closer, the conditions in the camp become worse.  The Americans do attack the camp by air.  Jim’s connection and parallel to the Japanese boy, grows.  Mrs. Victor dies when, the camp is relocated to a stadium.  You have to watch to know, how the conditions are at the worst level days before the Americans arrive.  You also have to watch to know, how the Japanese boy dies.  Finally; you have to watch to know, how it looks like when the Americans arrive.  Jim does re-unite with his parents. 
The movie narrative of the feature film, Empire of the Sun (1987), ends with some Hollywood facts.  The country of origin is the United States of America.  The official languages are English, Japanese and Mandarin.  There are 9 filming locations, in total, for this particular movie.  The filming locations are in these following countries; Spain, England (UK) and China.  The original budget for this movie is estimated at $35 million USD.  The gross profits, that are reported, are $22,238,696.  The production companies are Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros.  There are several distributors for this particular movie.  Some of the distributors include the following; Warner Bros. (U.S.A.), Argentina Video Home (Argentina), Audio Visual Enterprises (Greece) and Yleisradio (Finland).

To end and as always, RB28’s Movie Narratives, encourages you to continue reading the posted movie narratives.  The aforementioned blog strives to provide basic information, so that it, becomes inspiration.  Movies are a great pleasure to RB28’s Movie Narratives, and, the blog’s author hopes that they are for you as well.  For this week, and in conclusion, the feature film was Empire of the Sun (1987).  RB28’s Movie Narratives looks forward to seeing you next week, when we highlight another movie. 


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