Movie Narrative: Jamie Marks is Dead (2014)

The captivation of moving pictures is a source of tremendous inspiration.  For this reason and many more, RB28’s Movie Narratives, continues showing its love for movies with another movie narrative.  This week, Jamie Marks is Dead (2014), will be converted into a narrative and subsequently highlighted.  It is implied that the blog reader reads the movie narrative, and then, he or she watches the movie.  The effort is to give the blog reader, an enhanced experience.  RB28’s Movie Narratives, ends this movie narrative of Jamie Marks is Dead (2014), with some Hollywood facts.  
             Jamie Marks is Dead (2014) is an unrated movie.  Furthermore, it is 1 hour and 41 minutes long.  This movie is categorized under the drama genre.  The official release date is January 19th, 2014.  The release date is for the Country of the United States of America.  The director was Carter Smith.  The writers were Christopher Barzak and Carter Smith.  The officially recognized stars were Morgan Saylor, Noah Silver and Cameron Monaghan.  The list of the 15 most important cast members is as follows:
  • Morgan Saylor (Gracie Highsmith).
  • Noah Silver (Jamie Marks).
  • Cameron Monaghan (Adam McCormick).
  • Brett DelBuono (Matt Hardin).
  • Fred Tolliver, Jr. (Fred).
  • Ronen Rubinstein (Ronnie).
  • Ryan Munzert (Aaron McCormick).
  • Connor Antico (Ed).
  • Adrian Enscoe (Larry).
  • Andrew Polk (Mr. Motes).
  • Lizzy DeClement (Elizabeth Simms).
  • Liv Tyler (Linda McCormick).
  • Judy Greer (Lucy Hall).
  • Jordyn DiNatale (Chloe).
  • Erin Wilhelmi (Susan).
             The synopsis follows.  Jamie Marks is Dead (2014) is a clever drama story, out of a fictitious small rural town.  In a small rural town, U.S.A., a teenage boy named Jamie Marks is found dead on the bank of the river.  Additionally, this small rural town experiences a heavy winter.  Another teenage boy, at the high school, remembers Jamie Marks.  Adam McCormick; is the teenage boy, and, he also remembers that Jamie was a victim of harsh bullying.  An interest to see where the body was found, motivates Adam, to visit the bank of the river.  At the bank of the river, Adam meets Gracie Highsmith.  Furthermore, Gracie invites him to her house.  Adam is supposed to visit Gracie, when Gracie’s parents won’t be home.  The romantic relationship between, Adam and Gracie, starts to grow from this point.  Unfortunately, one night Adam and Gracie see Jamie Marks, as a ghost.  Surprisingly, Gracie has been seeing him for sometime.  However, it is Adam that becomes infatuated with Jamie Marks.  That same night, he travels to the bank of the river.  He hopes that, he will see Jamie Marks, again.  He does, and, they talk to each other.  Gracie knows the secret of Jamie Marks’s death.  This drama story travels; from the night Adam meets Jamie, to the moment when, Gracie reveals the secret of Jamie Marks’s death.  Director Carter Smith does an incredible job bringing this story to life.  The filming location is perfect, and, you can feel this story in the winter time.  The writers do an equally incredible job.  The interaction between Adam and Gracie is clever, and, well written.  The Frances character, is also, a very memorable character.  The officially recognized stars contribute tremendously.  They would be missed, if they were not chosen.  Overall, this movie earns the rating of 7 out of 10. 
            The movie narrative of, Jamie Marks is Dead (2014), is as follows.  A woman walks along the bank of the river.  She looks at things; picks them up, and then, puts them down.  All of a sudden, she discovers a dead body.  The body is a teenage boy.  Furthermore, the teenage boy was only wearing underwear, when he died.  In the boy’s hand is a note, or, letter.  The scene changes, and, Adam McCormick is at practice.  Adam is a member, of the track team.  The track team practices, by running on the road.  Adam enters the boy’s locker room.  Adam witnesses other boys bullying, Jamie Marks.  However, he is called Moonie.  Moonie, or Jamie, is sitting on the toilet.  The other boys have the door open, and, they are tormenting him.  The boys end the torment, by urinating on him.  The scene changes, Adam is being told that, Jamie Marks was found dead.  Adam travels to the bank of the river, in order, to visit the place where Jamie Marks was found dead.  A teenage girl named, Gracie Highsmith, is already there.  They pass time together, talking.  Gracie knows Adam’s brother, Aaron.  Furthermore, she invites Adam to her house; the next day.  Adam arrives at his house.  His mother leaves, and, she is immediately involved in a car accident.  Adam McCormick and Aaron McCormick, pass time at the hospital with their mother.  Their mother’s name, is Linda.  Linda returns home, but, she has to be in a wheelchair.  Adam visits Gracie, at her house.  Gracie’s parents are not home, and, they pass time drinking alcohol.  Time passes, Adam waits for his brother at his car.  Aaron arrives and tells him that, he is walking.  Aaron has plans, to spend time with two teenage girls.  Furthermore, that they are going to the location, where Jamie Marks was found dead.  Adam returns home, and, his mother is passing time with the woman that caused the car accident.  The woman’s name, is Lucy.  The next day at the high school, Gracie invites Adam to visit her, at her house.  At Gracie’s house; they pass time together, and, they start to develop a romantic relationship.  Gracie stands at the window, and, he sees something.  Adam goes to see, what it is.  Gracie tells Adam, to ignore it.  Adam sees Jamie Marks, as a ghost, standing outside in his underwear.  Gracie confirms that, she can see the same thing.  Furthermore, she tells Adam that, she is the person who found the body.  Adam leaves, and, starts to walk home.  Without reason, he decides to go, to the bank of the river.  At the bank of the river, Adam sees Jamie Marks, as a ghost.  Surprisingly, they start to talk to each other.  Jamie asks Adam, to take off his clothes.  Adam does, what he is asked to do.  Second, Jamie asks Adam to lie down in the spot, where his body was found.  Third, Jamie asks Adam, to close his eyes.  Adam does, what he is asked to do.  Finally, Jamie asks for help, and, Adam tells him that he can help.  All of a sudden; Aaron appears with a date, and, he finds Adam.  Aaron takes Adam home, immediately.  Adam is at his house, and, Jamie appears in the closet.  Adam gives Jamie clothes.  Jamie puts on the clothes, and then, he asks Adam for a word; any type of word.  Adam whispers the word, murder, into Jamie’s ear.  For some reason, Jamie feels pleasure and relaxation.  Gracie calls Adam on the telephone, and, she tells him that the high school knows that he was found on the bank of the river.  Adam and Aaron fist fight each other, because, Aaron told the entire high school what happened the previous night.  Adam returns to his room, and, Jamie is there.  Furthermore, Jamie shows Adam that, he can travel from closet to closet.  The two, travel to Gracie’s closet.  They also watch her, from inside the closet.  At the high school, Gracie and Adam talk about Jamie Marks.  Adam tells Gracie that, he visits him using his closet.  Adam stops going to track team practice.  Linda, Adam’s mother, confronts him about it.  Jamie is in Adam’s room, and, they pass time together talking.  Furthermore, Adam tells Jamie that, he wants to leave.  Jamie tells Adam that, he knows a place.  Adam goes to visit Gracie.  Additionally, he asks Gracie to tell him about, what she knows about a girl named Frances Wilkinson.  Gracie tells Adam that; her parents where abusive, and that, she killed them.  Furthermore, that her ghost is still at the farm where they used to live.  Gracie gives Adam oral sex, and, Jamie watches from the closet.  Adam tells Gracie that, he is leaving for a while with Jamie.  Additionally, they are going to be staying with Frances, at her farm.  Gracie becomes angry, and, she tells Adam to leave.  Jamie is waiting for Adam on the road.  He tells Adam that Frances, as a ghost, has agreed to let them stay at her farm.  He also asks Adam for another word.  Adam whispers the word, sorrow, into his ear.  Adam arrives at Frances’s farm, and, Jamie is waiting for him.  Adam meets Frances, and, he stays in the barn with Jamie.  Adam and Jamie pass time, telling each other stories about each other.  Frances has a curse, because, she killed her parents.  The curse is, she has to re-live the day she killed her parents; everyday.  Frances’s parents have a big fight, and then, Frances kills her parents.  Finally, Frances goes outside, and, she kills herself.  The ghost of Frances goes outside, and, in front of Adam and Jamie; she kills herself.  Frances thinks that, Adam and Jamie are homosexual.  Furthermore, she calls Adam “Bitch Boy.”  Adam becomes angry, and, he sets the house on fire.  Frances starts to beat Adam, but, Jamie protects him.  Adam walks to a store, and, he calls Gracie for help.  Jamie appears, and, they spend the night in an abandoned store.  There is a tunnel near the store, and, Adam sees Jamie with other ghosts at the entrance.  Adam and Jamie, pass time together playing.  Gracie arrives, and, she spends time talking to Adam in her car.  One morning, the police find Adam, and, he returns home.  From this point forward; the series of events, take the viewer, to the end.  Gracie knows the secret of Jamie Marks’s death.  Finally; you have to watch, in order to know, how this movie ends.
            The movie narrative of the feature film, Jamie Marks is Dead (2014), ends with some Hollywood facts.  The country of origin is the United States of America.  The official language is English.  There are other notable release dates.  The other notable release dates are:  U.S.A., January 19, 2014 (Sundance Film Festival); Germany, August 27, 2014 (Fantasy Filmfest); France, September 11, 2014 (Deauville Film Festival) and U.K., October 17, 2014 (London Film Festival).  Unfortunately, there is no box office data that is available, for this feature film.  The production companies are Verisimilitude and Mountaintop Productions.  There are five distributors for this particular movie.  All of the distributors are; Alive Vertrieb und Marketing (Germany), Donau-Film (Germany), Eagle Entertainment (Australia), Falcon Films (Lebanon) and Gravitas Ventures (U.S.A.).   
            To end and as always, RB28’s Movie Narratives, encourages you to continue reading the posted movie narratives.  The aforementioned blog strives to provide basic information, so that it, becomes inspiration.  Movies are a great pleasure to RB28’s Movie Narratives, and, the blog’s author hopes that they are for you as well.  For this week, and in conclusion, the feature film was Jamie Marks is Dead (2014).  RB28’s Movie Narratives looks forward to seeing you next week, when another movie will be highlighted.


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