Movie Narrative: Russkies (1987)

The captivation of moving pictures is a source of tremendous inspiration.  For this reason and many more, RB28’s Movie Narratives, continues showing its love for movies with another movie narrative.  This week, Russkies (1987), will be converted into a narrative and subsequently highlighted.  It is implied that the blog reader reads the movie narrative, and then, he or she watches the movie.  The effort is to give the blog reader, an enhanced experience.  RB28’s Movie Narratives, ends this movie narrative of Russkies (1987), with some Hollywood facts. 
            Russkies (1987) is rated PG.  Furthermore, it is 1 hour and 39 minutes long.  This movie is categorized under the drama genre.  The official release date is November 6th, 1987.  The release date is for the Country of the United States of America.  The director was Rick Rosenthal.  The writers were Alan Jay Glueckman, Sheldon Lettich and Michael Nankin.  The officially recognized stars of Russkies (1987); were Whip Hubley, Joaquin Phoenix and Peter Billingsley.  The list of the 15 most important cast members is as follows:
  • Whip Hubley (Mischa).
  • Joaquin Phoenix (Danny).
  • Peter Billingsley (Adam).
  • Stefan DeSalle (Jason).
  • Susan Walters (Diane).
  • Patrick Kilpatrick (Raimy).
  • Vic Polizos (Sulock).
  • Charles Frank (Mr. V).
  • Susan Blanchard (Mrs. V).
  • Benjamin Hendrickson (Sgt. Kovac).
  • Carole King (Mrs. Kovac).
  • Voyo Goric (Boris).
  • Al White (Captain Foley).
  • Patrick Mickler (Neidermeyer).
  • Summer Phoenix (Candi).

            The synopsis follows.  Russkies (1987) is an American story, out of the Cold War Era.  In the State of Florida U.S.A., three boys live their lives in a town; which is also the home, to a U.S. Naval Station.  The three boys are Danny, Adam and Jason.  Danny’s parents have officially signed divorce papers.  An informant, who works at the U.S. Naval Station, contacted the U.S.S.R. and offered to exchange a device.  One night, a ship belonging to the U.S.S.R. arrives, off the coast.  The informant is on the beach signaling the Russians aboard the ship.  Three Russians board a raft, and, the raft flips over on the way to the beach.  The informant decides to leave.  A Russian sailor named, Mischa, appears to be the lone survivor.  The next morning, the three boys meet-up for a day of fun.  Danny, Adam and Jason use a raft that, they hide.  Unexpectedly, at the location of the raft, Danny finds a naval manual from the U.S.S.R.  They proceed to a small island that, is off the coast.  Furthermore, the island has an abandoned bunker.  The abandoned bunker, is also, the official hang-out place for the group of friends.  Upon landing at the beach, the raft hits a deflated raft.  Adam pulls the deflated raft to the beach.  Additionally and unexpectedly, it turns out to be a raft from the U.S.S.R.  Danny, Adam and Jason are convinced that; the Russians are invading their small town.  Adam and Jason return, on the raft, to Adam’s house.  Danny stays behind, at the abandoned bunker.  At Adam’s house, Adam’s father successfully deflects their worries.  However, he keeps the U.S.S.R. naval manual.  At the abandoned bunker, Mischa comes out of hiding and captures Danny.  Adam and Jason return, and, they help Danny beat up Mischa.  The three boys, or group of friends, turn the table on Mischa.  Mischa becomes their prisoner.  Surprisingly, while Mischa is their prisoner, Adam and Jason start to befriend him.  Danny is the lone dissenter.  One day passes, and, the boys decide whether or not; they should turn Mischa over to the authorities.  Danny votes in favor, meanwhile, Adam and Jason vote to protect Mischa.  Ultimately, Mischa is able to re-unite with the two other Russian sailors.  Their names are Boris and Sulock.  However, they still have to find a way to escape U.S. authorities, and, return to the U.S.S.R. ship; which is off the coast.  At the same time; the parents of Danny, Adam and Jason have sounded the alarm on a Russian invasion.  The entire town, and the U.S. Naval Station, is out looking for Russians.  Director, Rick Rosenthal, does a good job.  The story is a simple, but, it is a captivating fun adventure for the family.  The writers do an equally good job.  The story feels like the same old Cold War Era story, but then, it is not.  Additionally; the writers were clever in writing something that is captivating, and at the same time, something that is fun for the family.  The officially recognized stars contribute tremendously.  They would be missed, if they were not chosen.  Overall, Russkies (1987) earns the rating of 7 out of 10. 
            The movie narrative of, Russkies (1987), is as follows.  Danny reads a comic book to his friends.  The comic book has a Cold War Era theme to it.  The scene changes and a ship, belonging to the U.S.S.R., is seen.  It is nighttime, and, it is raining.  A radio operator named Mischa, translates radio transmissions to a group of Russians, from the U.S.S.R.  The naval ship is a reconnaissance, or spy, ship.  Furthermore, they are off the coast, of the State of Florida U.S.A.  There is a U.S. Naval Station in the area.  The reconnaissance ship receives, a communications signal, from the coast.  The Russians prepare a raft.  The spy mission is to retrieve a secret device.  Mischa is told to board the raft.  Unexpectedly, the raft flips over and the man, who signals from the coast, decides to leave.  Mischa lands on the beach, and, he appears to be the lone survivor.  The two other Russians, Boris and Sulock, are missing or dead.  The next morning, Danny wakes up.  Furthermore, his parents are signing divorce papers.  Danny leaves his house, rappelling down the side of the house.  Adam eats breakfast with his parents.  Adam is Danny’s friend.  Danny arrives at Adam’s house, in order, to leave with Adam.  Jason’s father wakes up Jason.  Jason is black, and, Danny’s friend.  Unexpectedly, Jason leaves, and, he joins Danny and Adam.  The group of friends rides their bicycles around the naval station and town.  The group of friends stops, in order, to watch a rehearsal for the 4th of July celebration.  The group of friends arrives, at the location, where they hide a raft.  Unexpectedly; Danny sees, floating in the water, a U.S.S.R. naval manual.  The group of friends travels to a small island, off the coast.  Before they arrive on the beach, the raft hits something.  Adam pulls the object to the beach.  The object is a deflated U.S.S.R. raft.  Jason and Adam leave, in order, to tell someone of the Russian invasion.  Danny is left behind on the small island.  Danny enters the abandoned bunker, which is on the island.  The abandoned bunker is also the hang-out place, for the group of friends.  Out of nowhere, Mischa appears with a gun, and, he captures Danny.  Adam and Jason arrive at Adam’s house.  At the abandoned bunker, Mischa asks Danny questions.  Furthermore, Danny attempts to escape.  Adam and Jason tell Adam’s father about the Russian invasion.  Adam’s father deflects their worries.  Danny and Mischa pass time talking.  Unexpectedly, Adam and Jason arrive.  The three boys fight with Mischa.  Jason takes possession of Mischa’s gun.  The boys have tricked their parents, into believing that, they are going sleep at someone else’s house.  At the bunker, Adam holds Mischa captive.  Mischa has his arms and legs tied, but, he can still walk.  Adam unties Mischa, and, they pass the time playing card games.  Unexpectedly, Danny and Jason return.  Danny is not happy with the situation.  The group of friends gives Mischa food, and, a bottle of liquor.  Mischa tells the group of friends his story.  Adam and Jason like Mischa.  Danny is the lone dissenter.  Time passes, and, it is the next morning.  The two other Russians, Boris and Sulock, are alive.  Furthermore, they enter a store, in order, to steal clothes.  At the abandoned bunker, Adam and Danny argue with each other.  The scene changes, and, Boris and Sulock arrive at the informant’s house.  The same informant, who had previously contacted, the U.S.S.R.  The purpose was, an effort to exchange a device with them.  Boris and Sulock are there to collect the device.  The informant left before the Russians arrived.  He also returned the device to the naval station.  Sulock is the intelligence officer.  The informant refuses to finish the deal.  At the abandoned bunker, Mischa appears to have a shoulder injury.  The boys invent a story for Mischa.  Furthermore, they take Mischa to Adam’s sister.  Adams sister is a nurse, and, her name is Diane.  Adam confesses to Diane, Mischa’s true story.  Diane successfully treats Mischa’s shoulder injury.  The group of friends and Mischa eat hamburgers at McDonald’s.  During lunch, Danny proposes turning Mischa over to the authorities.  Adam and Jason vote to keep Mischa, under protection.  After the vote, they go to the store, in order, to buy Mischa clothes.  They also pass the day having fun.  Mischa feels happy to be in the U.S.A.  Adam and Jason leave for their respective homes.  Furthermore, they will attempt to escape, from their home, and return.  Danny stays with Mischa.  He also tells Mischa about his parents being divorced.  Jason delayed his return, and, he joined Mischa and Danny; for a moment.  A soldier from the naval station plays with a stingray.  The soldier’s name is Raimy, and, he caught the stingray fishing.  Mischa becomes angry, and, he throws the stingray back into the ocean.  Mischa and Raimy are almost involved in a fist fight.  Luckily, military police, from the naval station, arrive to take Raimy away.  Adam’s father attempts to talk to Adam, about the U.S.S.R. manual.  Furthermore, he believes that the Russian invasion is real.  Jason returns to his home.  At a bar, Mischa meets and talks to Danny’s father.  Danny is not present, he is hiding.  Boris and Sulock wait outside, the naval station.  They don’t want to return empty handed.  Mischa and Danny pass time hiding, at the boat docks.  At the home of Danny’s grandmother, Danny’s sister tells her mother that, Danny lied about being with their father.  Danny’s mother talks to Adam’s father, about, the boys lying to them.  Adam’s father calls Jason’s father.  Jason’s father thinks that, Jason is home.  However, Jason left to re-join the group.  The group re-meets, at the boat docks.  They are also hiding there.  Jason informs the group that, their parents are looking for them.  Adam and Danny inform Jason of their plan.  They plan to steal a boat, and, take Mischa to the Country of Cuba.  The group of friends make preparations for their trip.  Adam’s father, along with Jason’s father, arrive at the small island.  Furthermore, they enter the abandoned bunker.  They also find the gun, and, a recording of Mischa talking.  The parents of the boys believe that, the Russians are invading.  Adam and Jason talk to Adam’s sister, about their plan.  Diane tells the boys that, the town is looking for Russians.  Additionally, Diane agrees to help.  Diane passes time with Mischa, in order, to watch him.  At night, all of the parents meet-up, and, they start to search for the boys.  From this point forward; the series of events, take the viewer, to the end.  Boris and Sulock are able to find, and re-unite, with Mischa.  Mischa continues to have altercations with the soldier Raimy.  Finally; you have to watch, in order to know, how this movie ends
            The movie narrative of the feature film, Russkies (1987), ends with some Hollywood facts.  The country of origin is the United States of America.  The official language is English.  There are other notable release dates.  The other notable release dates are:  Australia, March 3, 1988; UK, July 1988 (Video Premiere) and Spain, July 8, 1988.  There are 2 filming locations, in total, for this feature film.  The filming locations are:  Key West, Florida Keys, Florida, U.S.A. and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  There is limited box office data, for this movie.  On its opening weekend, this movie made $1,030,101 USD.  The gross profits, that are reported, are $2,189,047 dollars.  Unfortunately, there is no more data that is available.  The filming date, that is reported, is October 1986.  The production companies are New Century Entertainment Corporation, Vista Organization and Russkies.  There are several distributors for this particular movie.  Some of the distributors include the following; New Century Vista Film Company (U.S.A.), Disney Channel (U.S.A.), Lionsgate (World-Wide) and Roadshow Home Video (Australia).  
            To end and as always, RB28’s Movie Narratives, encourages you to continue reading the posted movie narratives.  The aforementioned blog strives to provide basic information, so that it, becomes inspiration.  Movies are a great pleasure to RB28’s Movie Narratives, and, the blog’s author hopes that they are for you as well.  For this week, and in conclusion, the feature film was Russkies (1987).  RB28’s Movie Narratives looks forward to seeing you next week, when another movie will be highlighted.


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