Movie Narrative: At First Sight (1999)

The captivation of moving pictures is a source of tremendous inspiration.  For this reason and many more, RB28’s Movie Narratives, continues showing its love for movies with another movie narrative.  This week, At First Sight (1999), will be converted into a narrative and subsequently highlighted.  It is implied that the blog reader reads the movie narrative, and then, he or she watches the movie.  The effort is to give the blog reader, an enhanced experience.  RB28’s Movie Narratives, ends this movie narrative of At First Sight (1999), with some Hollywood facts. 
            At First Sight (1999) is rated PG-13.  Furthermore, it is 2 hours and 8 minutes long.  This movie is categorized under the drama and romance genre.  The official release date is January 15th, 1999.  The release date is for the Country of the United States of America.  The director was Irwin Winkler.  The writers were Oliver Sacks and Steve Levitt.  The officially recognized stars of At First Sight (1999); were Val Kilmer, Mira Sorvino and Kelly McGillis.  The list of the 15 most important cast members is as follows: 
  • Val Kilmer (Virgil Adamson).
  • Mira Sorvino (Amy Benic).
  • Kelly McGillis (Jennie Adamson).
  • Steven Weber (Duncan Allanbrook).
  • Bruce Davison (Dr. Charles Aaron).
  • Nathan Lane (Phil Webster).
  • Ken Howard (Virgil’s Father).
  • Laura Kirk (Betsy Ernst).
  • Margo Winkler (Nancy Bender).
  • Diana Krall (Singer).
  • Brett Robbins (Ethan).
  • Willie C. Carpenter (Jack Falk).
  • Charles Winkler (Health Instructor).
  • Drena De Niro (Caroline).
  • Kelly Chapman (Susan).

            The synopsis follows.  At First Sight (1999) is a drama romance story, out of New York City.  In the U.S.A. and in a mountain village, Virgil passes time by himself, ice skating.  Meanwhile, Amy is a divorced architect, from New York City.  One day, Amy arrives at the mountain village.  Additionally, Amy stays at the village’s hotel and resort.  Amy wishes to get away, and, leave work things behind.  To start her stay, she registers for a massage.  It results that, Virgil is the masseuse at the hotel.  Furthermore, he is a blind man.  Virgil gives Amy a professional massage.  Amy falls asleep on the massage table.  Virgil leaves for his home, and, he leaves Amy sleeping on the massage table.  Amy wakes up and searches for Virgil.  Amy is able to catch up with Virgil, at a bus stop.  When Virgil’s bus arrives, Amy realizes that, Virgil is blind.  Virgil boards his bus, and, he arrives at his home.  Coincidentally, Amy continues thinking about Virgil, in her hotel guestroom.  In fact, she practices being a blind person.  Unexpectedly, Virgil knocks on her door.  Furthermore, Virgil asks Amy out on a date.  Amy sarcastically agrees, to go on the date.  Virgil and Amy walk around the village.  Virgil describes everything, as they are walking.  Virgil and Amy arrive, at the end of the village.  At the end of the village, Amy describes an abandoned building to Virgil.  Oddly enough, the building is new to Virgil.  It starts to rain, and, Virgil and Amy hide in the abandoned building.  Virgil and Amy feel connected, to each other.  A short time later, Amy’s stay at the hotel ends, and, she returns to New York City.  However, she cannot stop thinking about Virgil.  Furthermore, she researches experimental surgery techniques.  Amy returns to see Virgil, in order, to convince him to undergo an experimental eye surgery.  Ultimately, Virgil becomes convinced, and, he travels to New York City.  The surgery is successful, and, Virgil can see.  Additionally, his relationship with Amy progresses, and, he starts to live with Amy.  Unfortunately, the fun times end fast.  Virgil and Amy start to feel frustrated, with each other.  Virgil, also begins, to experience complications from the surgery.  Eventually, Virgil leaves Amy’s apartment, and, his eye sight starts to deteriorate.  Director, Irwin Winkler, does a good job.  This romance story does feel fresh and crisp.  Furthermore, the cinematography of the mountain village and New York City, adds a lot of charm to this movie.  The writers do an equally good job.  The interaction between Virgil and Amy, feels authentic.  Additionally, their interaction is very well written; particularly when Virgil is a blind man.  The officially recognized stars contribute tremendously.  They would be missed, if they were not chosen.  Special recognition is merited to Val Kilmer and Mira Sorvino.  The Virgil and Amy characters are very memorable.  Overall, At First Sight (1999) earns the rating of 7 out of 10.
            The movie narrative of, At First Sight (1999), is as follows.  It is the winter, and, Virgil prepares to ice skate in the forest.  In New York City, U.S.A., Amy is at the office.  Amy is an architect, and, she finalizes things before she leaves on vacation.  At night, Amy drives through a forest.  Amy thinks that she’s lost, and, she calls Betsy for directions.  Betsy is a woman from the office.  Amy notices Virgil ice skating.  Furthermore, Amy also recovers her sense of direction.  Amy arrives at a hotel, located in a mountain village, and registers as a hotel guest.  Additionally, she registers for a massage, the next day.  The next morning, Amy arrives for her massage appointment.  Amy prepares for the massage.  It results that, Virgil is a masseuse.  Virgil gives Amy a professional massage.  Unexpectedly, Amy starts to cry during the massage.  Additionally, she asks Virgil to stay, and, finish the massage.  Amy falls asleep on the massage table, and, Virgil leaves quietly.  Amy wakes up and searches for Virgil.  In the hotel lobby, Virgil walks in order to leave the hotel.  Furthermore, Virgil is blind, and, he uses a hockey stick as a cane.  Amy chases after Virgil.  Amy catches up to Virgil, at a bus stop, in front of the hotel.  Amy attempts to pass time talking to Virgil.  Virgil’s bus arrives, and, Amy realizes that Virgil is blind.  Amy attempts to apologize to Virgil, but, Virgil doesn’t think twice about it.  Virgil boards the bus and leaves.  Virgil arrives and enters his house.  Virgil’s Seeing Eye Dog greets him.  Virgil talks to his dog about his day.  Unexpectedly, Virgil’s sister appears.  Virgil’s sister is named, Jennie.  Virgil and Jennie pass time talking.  Virgil also mentions Amy.  Jennie leaves Virgil his lunch and leaves.  Virgil continues talking to his dog.  In a hotel guestroom, Amy practices being, a blind person.  Unexpectedly, Virgil knocks on her door.  Virgil and Amy pass time talking.  Amy also changes clothes.  Virgil invites Amy to go out, and walk around, the village.  Amy sarcastically agrees to go.  Virgil and Amy walk around the village.  Virgil describes the landmarks and the people they meet, as they are walking.  Virgil has been blind since the age of three.  Amy tells Virgil that, she is an architect in New York City.  Amy and Virgil arrive, at the end of the village.  Amy describes an old building to Virgil.  It results that, it is something new for Virgil.  Amy describes the building in a poetic way.  Unexpectedly, it starts to rain.  Amy and Virgil hide in an old building.  Inside the building, Virgil can feel the rain.  Furthermore, Virgil feels alive.  Amy starts to feel, what Virgil feels.  Virgil feels Amy’s smiling face.  At the hotel, Virgil gives Amy a massage.  During the massage, Amy asks Virgil, if he remembers anything he saw.  Virgil says that, he remembers clouds, which he can touch.  Amy shares a memory with Virgil.  Amy thinks about horizons.  Virgil continues with the massage.  Amy continues talking to Virgil.  Unexpectedly, the time ends.  Virgil and Amy feel connected to each other.  Virgil invites Amy for dinner, at his house.  At his house, Virgil cooks dinner.  Unexpectedly, Amy calls to cancel the date.  Amy is on the road, and, she is returning to New York City.  Virgil feels upset.  In New York City, Amy’s architecture firm goes over a project.  Amy and a colleague continue talking about the project.  Amy’s colleague notices that, Amy is inspired and full of spirit.  Amy shares that, she met Virgil.  The office cannot believe it.  Amy does share that, Virgil is blind.  Amy’s colleague is surprised.  Furthermore, the colleague reveals that, he is Amy’s ex-husband.  Amy’s ex-husband is named, Duncan.  Amy works late into the night.  A woman colleague warns Amy, about dating a blind man.  In reply, Amy shares her relationship past.  Additionally, Amy shares her feelings about Virgil.  In the mountain village, Virgil plays ice hockey by himself.  Unexpectedly, Amy arrives and joins Virgil.  Amy and Virgil start to ice skate together.  Amy shares, how she became an architect.  Playfully, Amy shares that she was once married, and now, she is divorced.  Virgil and Amy fall to the ground.  They pass time talking and lying on the ground.  Virgil feels Amy’s beauty, and, they kiss for the first time.  At Virgil’s house, Virgil and Amy have sexual intercourse.  Time passes and at Virgil’s house, Virgil and Amy pass time together.  Jennie arrives, and, Jennie and Amy meet for the first time.  Jennie does her chores, which she does, for Virgil.  Unexpectedly, Virgil crashes into a chair, which Amy moved.  Jennie becomes angry at Amy.  Jennie and Virgil feel frustrated with each other.  Jennie and Virgil calm down, and, Jennie leaves.  Amy researches options for cataract surgery.  Amy discovers a doctor, who performs an experimental technique.  Amy calls the office of the doctor.  At the hotel, Virgil runs on a treadmill.  Amy enters, in order, to talk to Virgil.  Amy talks to Virgil about, the experimental cataract surgery.  Amy tells Virgil that, the doctor thinks that, he can perform surgery on Virgil.  Virgil feels frustrated and leaves.  Amy approaches Jennie, in order, to talk to her about Virgil.  Additionally, she talks to Jennie about the experimental surgery.  Jennie feels the same way as Virgil, about the surgery.  Amy is unrelenting about the surgery.  Amy arrives at Virgil’s house.  Amy tells Virgil that, she is returning to New York City.  Virgil tries to teach Amy, how he feels, about things.  Virgil and Amy pass time together, in Virgil’s bedroom.  The next morning, Amy is in bed listening to Virgil; arguing with Jennie.  Jennie becomes angry and leaves.  Jennie and Virgil continue to argue outside, and, Amy goes to be with Virgil.  Unexpectedly, Virgil tells Amy that, he is in favor of the surgery.  Virgil and Amy travel to New York City.  Virgil and Amy meet with the doctor.  The doctor explains the cataract surgery.  The doctor convinces Virgil, to do the surgery.  Amy takes Virgil to her apartment.  Amy walks Virgil, step by step, through the apartment.  Amy shares her architectural work with Virgil.  Virgil tells Amy that, he wants to have the surgery.  Virgil undergoes cataract surgery.  Amy and Jennie wait together.  Jennie shares, what happened, to their parents.  It results that, Jennie has always taken care of Virgil.  The doctor arrives to remove the eye patches.  Jennie and Amy are present in the room.  A TV camera crew also arrives.  The eye patches are removed, and, Virgil can see.  Unfortunately, Vigil has a hard time adjusting.  He also becomes erratic and emotional.  Virgil calms down, and, he feels better.  The doctor ends the day.  The doctor explains the complications and successes, of the surgery.  Both Jennie and Amy feel worried.  Virgil sees himself in the mirror, for the first time.  Virgil also sees Jennie, for the first time.  Jennie feels sad, because, Virgil is going to stay with Amy.  Amy walks Jennie to her car.  Jennie shares how she felt, about, taking care of Virgil.  She also talks about Virgil’s father leaving Virgil.  Jennie tells Amy that, Virgil goes behind a wall to hide.  Virgil and Amy return to Amy’s apartment.  Virgil asks Amy, if he can see her, without clothes.  Amy shows Virgil, her naked body.  Virgil and Amy visit a specialist, for Virgil’s recovery.  The specialist attempts to teach Virgil, perspective.  Virgil feels confused.  Doctor Aaron does a presentation, on or about, Virgil’s surgery.  Virgil passes time walking through New York City.  Amy joins him, from time to time.  Virgil attempts to apply for a job, as a masseuse.  However, he doesn’t know how to read, and, he doesn’t fill out the application.  Virgil starts to feel frustrated, with Amy.  Virgil is interviewed by a television news crew.  Virgil’s father watches the interview on television.  Virgil’s father calls Jennie.  Virgil and Amy eat dinner at a restaurant.  Virgil continues being frustrated, with Amy.  Amy returns the frustration to Virgil.  Virgil passes time learning objects.  Unexpectedly, Jennie arrives at Amy’s apartment.  Jennie takes Virgil, to see their father.  However, Jennie didn’t tell Virgil, where they were going.  Virgil refuses to see his father, and, he leaves.  Amy returns to her apartment.  Amy finds Virgil sitting in the dark.  Virgil and Amy attend Duncan’s birthday party.  The party is a surprise party.  Duncan is Amy’s ex-husband.  They pass time talking alone.  They talk about their professional and personal lives.  Amy kisses Duncan on the mouth.  Virgil watches from a distance.  Virgil confronts Amy, about kissing Duncan.  Amy doesn’t understand the confrontation.  Virgil and Amy become distant, from each other.  Virgil is angry, and, he breaks a glass wall that, is part of Duncan’s apartment.  Virgil and Amy leave the party.  At Amy’s apartment, Virgil and Amy continue to be distant, from each other.  Virgil visits the specialist, by himself.  Amy leaves on a business trip, to Atlanta.  Virgil passes time with the specialist.  The specialist, takes Virgil to a strip club.  At the strip club, the specialist and Virgil pass time talking, about life.  The specialist attempts to teach Virgil, perspective.  From this point forward; the series of events, take the viewer, to the end.  Virgil starts to experience trouble with his eye sight.  Ultimately, Virgil leaves Amy’s apartment.  Finally; you have to watch, in order to know, how this movie ends.
            The movie narrative of the feature film, At First Sight (1999), ends with some Hollywood facts.  The country of origin is the United States of America.  The official language is English.  There are other notable release dates.  The other notable release dates are:  U.S.A., January 12, 1999 (Premier); Canada, January 15, 1999; South Korea, February 13, 1999; Australia, April 22, 1999 and U.K., April 30, 1999.  There are 5 filming locations, in total, for this feature film.  All of the filming locations include the following:  the State of New York, U.S.A. and New York City, New York, U.S.A.  There is box office data for this movie.  The original budget is estimated at, $60 million USD.  On its opening weekend, this movie made $8,444,321 dollars.  This movie is closed in theaters on March 26, 1999.  The gross profits, that are reported, are $22,326,247 USD.  The filming dates, that are reported, are January 7, 1998 to April 1, 1998.  The production company is Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM).  There are several distributors for this particular movie.  Some of the distributors include the following; Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) (U.S.A), Chapel Distribution (Australia), Olive Films (Canada and U.S.A.), Varus Video (Russia) and Argentina Video Home (Argentina). 
            To end and as always, RB28’s Movie Narratives, encourages you to continue reading the posted movie narratives.  The aforementioned blog strives to provide basic information, so that it, becomes inspiration.  Movies are a great pleasure to RB28’s Movie Narratives, and, the blog’s author hopes that they are for you as well.  For this week, and in conclusion, the feature film was At First Sight (1999).  RB28’s Movie Narratives looks forward to seeing you next week, when another movie will be highlighted.


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