Movie Narrative: The Hunted (2003)

The captivation of moving pictures is a source of tremendous inspiration.  For this reason and many more, RB28’s Movie Narratives, continues showing its love for movies with another movie narrative.  This week, The Hunted (2003), will be converted into a narrative and subsequently highlighted.  It is implied that the blog reader reads the movie narrative, and then, he or she watches the movie.  The effort is to give the blog reader, an enhanced experience.  RB28’s Movie Narratives, ends this movie narrative of The Hunted (2003), with some Hollywood facts. 
            The Hunted (2003) is rated R.  Furthermore, it is 1 hour and 34 minutes long.  This movie is categorized under the action, crime and drama genre.  The official release date is March 14th, 2003.  The release date is for the Country of the United States of America.  The director was William Friedkin.  The writers were David Griffiths, Peter Griffiths and Art Monterastelli.  The officially recognized stars of The Hunted (2003); were Tommy Lee Jones, Benicio Del Toro and Connie Nielsen.  The list of the 15 most important cast members is as follows: 
  • Tommy Lee Jones (L.T. Bonham).
  • Benicio Del Toro (Aaron Hallam).
  • Connie Nielsen (Abby Durrell).
  • Leslie Stefanson (Irene Kravitz).
  • John Finn (Ted Chenoweth).
  • Jose Zuñiga (Bobby Moret).
  • Ron Canada (Harry Van Zandt).
  • Mark Pellegrino (Dale Hewitt).
  • Jenna Boyd (Loretta Kravitz).
  • Aaron DeCone (Stokes).
  • Carrick O’Quinn (Kohler).
  • Lonny Chapman (Zander).
  • Rex Linn (Powell).
  • Eddie Velez (Richards).
  • Alexander MacKenzie (Sheriff).

            The synopsis follows.  The Hunted (2003) is an action crime story, out of the United States of America.  In the U.S.A., a traumatized elite force soldier, becomes hunted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The soldier’s name is, Sgt. Hallam.  The hunt, is also, a full force criminal investigation.  Coincidentally, a man named L.T. is recruited to assist in the investigation.  The coincidence part, is the fact that L.T. is the man, who trained Sgt. Hallam.  He is also credited with having sharpened, his killing skills.  Hand to hand combat, best characterizes their interaction with each other.  There is an intense fight, towards, each other.  However and interestingly, there is no hatred between the two opponents.  Director, William Friedkin, does a good job.  He successfully captures the torment that, Sgt. Hallam must feel.  Additionally, the scenes in the forest, add a very authentic feel.  The writers do a good job.  The interaction between the F.B.I. agents, is well written.  Therefore, all of the F.B.I. agents are believable.  The officially recognized stars contribute tremendously.  They would be missed, if they were not chosen.  Overall, The Hunted (2003) earns the rating of 6 out of 10.  However, the rating should be ignored, and, you should watch this movie.
            The movie narrative of, The Hunted (2003), is as follows.  There are intense battle images of a war in Kosovo.  Aaron Hallam is introduced, as an elite force soldier.  Additionally, he fights in secret battles or wars.  It results that; Sergeant First Class Hallam, is a decorated warrior, due to his service, in these types of secret battles or wars.  However, he starts to feel tormented, and, he experiences terrible nightmares.  At the same time, L.T. lives in British Columbia, Canada.  He lives in the forest, and, passes his days outside.  He is also a tracker.  In the State of Oregon U.S.A., it is the year 2003.  Currently, Sgt. Hallam is living in the forest.  He kills two hunters that, are hunting deer with high power rifles.  A man named Ted, travels to British Columbia to be able to, talk to L.T.  Ted asks him, to help him with a case.  L.T. grudgingly accepts.  They fly to the forest, which is in the State of Oregon.  Immediately, L.T. starts to work alongside, the F.B.I.  L.T. enters the forest, to be able, to look around.  Interestingly, it doesn’t take long, and, L.T. finds where Hallam is sleeping.  Out of nowhere, Hallam approaches L.T., and, he calls him L.T.  Hallam tells L.T. that, he taught him.  The two men end up having, a hand to hand fight, with each other.  The F.B.I. knocks out Hallam, with a dart and apprehends him.  In Portland Oregon, the F.B.I. starts to interrogate Hallam.  L.T. is in another room watching.  Furthermore, he acknowledges to the F.B.I. that, he is one of the soldiers he trained.  Out of nowhere; Hallam starts to tell the F.B.I. about a secret mission, battles and wars.  L.T. quickly enters the room to stop him.  Two other government agents from the Department of Defense; arrive at the F.B.I. office, in order, to take Hallam away.  Hallam is placed inside, an armored truck.  The agents from the Department of Defense, are also in the armored truck.  They start to talk to Hallam about, one of his failed missions.  Out of nowhere and in response to the question, Hallam attacks one of the agents.  Coincidentally, the armored truck flips over.  Hallam is able to kill the agents, and then, he escapes.  At this time, L.T. is at the airport awaiting his flight, so that, he could return to his home.  His home that is located in British Columbia, Canada.  However, he quickly returns and starts to work again, with the F.B.I.  L.T. starts to remember training Hallam.  Around the same time, Hallam returns to the house of a woman friend, named Irene.  Irene has a daughter named, Loretta.  The F.B.I. goes to Irene’s house with L.T., and, they find Hallam there.  Furthermore, L.T. and Hallam have a brief moment with each other.  They talk about things; apparently, Hallam saw L.T. as a mentor.  Unexpectedly, Hallam makes a quick escape, and, he runs away in Irene’s car.  The escape becomes, a dramatic car and street chase.  Additionally, Hallam manages to escape.  The escape is officially finalized, when Hallam jumps from a bridge, and, into a river.  Subsequently, Hallam is able to escape, into the forest.  While in the forest, Hallam remakes his knife by hand.  In preparation for his search, L.T. makes a knife from stone and by hand.  L.T. finds Hallam, and, they have a brutal hand to hand fight/battle, with each other.  From this point forward; the series of events, take the viewer, to the end.  Finally; you have to watch, in order to know, how this movie ends.
            The movie narrative of the feature film, The Hunted (2003), ends with some Hollywood facts.  The country of origin is the United States of America.  The original languages are English and Serbo-Croatian.  There are other notable release dates.  The other notable release dates are:  U.S.A., March 11, 2003 (Los Angeles, California) (Premiere), Canada, March 14, 2003; France, March 26, 2003; Spain, March 28, 2003; Russia, April 10, 2003; Mexico, May 16, 2003 and Italy, November 2003 (Torino Film Festival).  There are 14 filming locations, in total, for this feature film.  The filming locations include the following:  State of Oregon, U.S.A. and the State of Washington, U.S.A.  There is box office data for this movie.  The original budget is estimated at, $55 million USD.  On its opening weekend, this movie made $13,482,638 dollars.  This movie is closed in theaters on May 23, 2003.  The gross profits, that are reported, are $34,238,611 USD.  The production companies are Lakeshore Entertainment and Alphaville Films.  There are several distributors for this particular movie.  Some of the distributors include the following; Paramount Pictures (U.S.A.), Redbus Film Distribution (UK), Lakeshore International, My Network TV and Trifecta Entertainment and Media.
            To end and as always, RB28’s Movie Narratives, encourages you to continue reading the posted movie narratives.  The aforementioned blog strives to provide basic information, so that it, becomes inspiration.  Movies are a great pleasure to RB28’s Movie Narratives, and, the blog’s author hopes that they are for you as well.  For this week, and in conclusion, the feature film was The Hunted (2003).  RB28’s Movie Narratives looks forward to seeing you next week, when another movie will be highlighted.


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