DVD Date for MacGyver: Season 3

(Santa Monica, CA) The Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. d.b.a. Lionsgate, formally, revealed the DVD street date for MacGyver:  Season 3.  MacGyver:  Season 3 is to be made available on DVD on January 14th, 2020.  The Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. d.b.a. Lionsgate (NYSE:  LGF.A and LGF.B), is a major movie studio.  Additionally, it can leverage the power of global distribution, in order, to deliver to younger and next-generation audiences; exciting video content.  The video content is geared towards and defined as films, television series, video related digital products, linear conventional media platforms and over the top conventional media platforms. 
            This particular television series is categorized under the action, adventure and drama genre.  Additionally, the episodes are rated TV-14.  The episode length is 43 minutes.  This television series is the story of Angus “Mac” MacGyver.  MacGyver works for a clandestine organization that, exists inside the U.S. Government.  Additionally, he is widely respected for his unmatched and unconventional, problem solving skills.  The release date is September 23rd, 2016.  The latter, is for Season 1.  The release date is for the United States of America.  Overall, there are four seasons that are listed, and, 72 total episodes.  Season 4 of this television series, has February 7th, 2020, as the release date.  MacGyver:  Season 3 is headlined by Lucas Till, Tristin Mays, Justin Hires and George Eads.  The street date, is the date when retailers can make the product available to the general public.
            Other notable information is as follows.  The other notable information begins with, the country of origin.  The country of origin is the United States of America.  The official language is English.  The other notable information continues with, the box office data.  Regrettably, there is no box office data that is available, for this television series.  There are other notable release dates, for this particular television series.  Other notable release dates include the following:  Canada, September 23, 2016; Australia, October 8, 2016; Netherlands, December 15, 2016; Italy, June 6, 2017; Japan, June 14, 2017; Germany, June 19, 2017; France, January 5, 2018 and Sweden, September 5, 2018.  There are other production companies, which are listed for this television series.  The production companies are 101st Street Television, Atomic Monster, Lionsgate and CBS Television Studios.  Lastly, there are eight distributors, which are listed for this television series.  All of these distributors are CBS (2016-) (U.S.A.) (TV), Global (2016-) (Canada) (TV), Fox Crime (2016-) (Turkey) (TV), Paramount Home Entertainment (2018) (Germany) (DVD), Radio Television Suisse (RTS) (2017) (Switzerland) (TV) (RTS Deux), Sub (2017) (Finland) (TV), Super! Drama TV (2017) (Japan) (TV) and Veronica (2016-) (Netherlands) (TV).

The technical information is as follows. 
Technical Information DVD, MacGyver:  Season 3:  
  • Street Date:  January 14, 2020. 
  • Production Year:  2018-2019.
  • Copyright:  CBS Studios, Inc. and Lions Gate Television, Inc., Series 2018-2019.  Artwork.  CBS Studios, Inc., MacGyver, CBS and related logos are trademarks of the CBS companies (2020).  All Rights Reserved.
  • Genre:  Action and Adventure.
  • Video Format:  16x9 (1.78:1).
  • Languages/Sound:  English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio. 
  • Rating:  Not Rated.
  • Subtitles:  English SDH.
  • Closed-Captioned:  None. 
  • Run Time:  930 minutes (22 episodes).
  • Cast:  Lucas Till, Tristin Mays, Justin Hires and George Eads.
  • Executive Producers:  Michael Clear, Peter M. Lenkov, Craig S. O’Neill, James Wan, Henry Winkler, Lee David Zlotoff, David Slack, Paul Downs Colaizzo, Brett Mahoney and David Von Ancken. 
  • Co-Executive Producers:  Jeffrey Downer, Stephen Herek and Rob Pearlstein.
  • Producers:  Peter Tassler, Marqui Jackson and P. Todd Coe.
  • Co-Producers:  Lindsey Allen and Nancy Kiu. 
  • Associate Producer:  Chris Risner.
  • Consulting Producer:  Jim Adler.
  • Creators:  Peter M. Lenkov and Lee David Zlotoff.

            To end, the brief synopsis is as follows.  MacGyver:  Season 3 is the story of Angus “Mac” MacGyver.  In this third season, of the television series, MacGyver continues to lead a team of clandestine operatives.  Additionally, he continues to lead his team from one high risk mission, to another high risk mission.  In the process, this clandestine team travels the world, protecting the interest of the U.S. Government.  Additionally, MacGyver always demonstrates and uses his legendary improvisational skills.  The latter, end up being the much heralded, MacGyver problem solving skills.

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