DVD Date for Dreamkatcher (2020)

(Santa Monica, CA) The Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. d.b.a. Lionsgate, formally, revealed the DVD, Digital and On-demand street date for Dreamkatcher (2020).  Dreamkatcher (2020) is to be made available on DVD, Digital and On-demand on April 28th, 2020.  The street date, is the date when retailers can make the product available to the general public.  The Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. d.b.a. Lionsgate (NYSE:  LGF.A and LGF.B), is a major movie studio.  Additionally, it can leverage the power of global distribution, in order, to deliver to younger and next-generation audiences; exciting video content.  The video content is geared towards and defined as films, television series, video related digital products, linear conventional media platforms and over the top conventional media platforms. 
            This particular movie is categorized under the horror and thriller genre.  Additionally, this movie is the story of Gail and Josh.  The aforementioned persons, are stepmother and stepson.  Regrettably, Josh has started to suffer from dream invasion, and, demon possession.  To make matters worse, Josh steals a talisman.  A short time later, Josh feels compelled to murder his own stepmother; Gail.  The release date is April 28th, 2020.  The release date is for the United States of America.  Dreamkatcher (2020) is headlined by Radha Mitchell, Henry Thomas and Lin Shaye.
            Other notable information is as follows.  The other notable information begins with, the country of origin.  The country of origin is the United States of America.  The official language is English.  The other notable information continues with, the box office data.  Regrettably, there is no box office data that is available, for this feature film.  There is one other notable release date, for this particular movie.  The other notable release date is the Netherlands, May 28, 2020.  There is one other production company, which is listed for this movie.  The production company is Taylor Lane Productions.  Lastly, there are four distributors, which are listed for this movie.  All of these distributors are Grindstone Entertainment Group (2020) (U.S.A.) (All Media), Dutch Film Works (D.F.W.) (2020) (Netherlands) (Theatrical), Lionsgate Home Entertainment (2020) (U.S.A.) (DVD) and Storm Pictures Korea (2020) (Korea) (All Media).

The technical information is as follows.
Technical Information DVD, Dreamkatcher (2020):
  • Street Date:  April 28, 2020.
  • Production Year:  2020.
  • Copyright:  Exurbia Productions, LLC, 2020.  All Rights Reserved.
  • Genre:  Horror and Thriller.
  • Type of Release:  Home Entertainment Premiere.
  • Video Format:  16x9 (1.78:1).
  • Languages/Sound:  English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio.
  • Rating:  R for disturbing violent content and language.
  • Subtitles:  English SDH and Spanish.
  • Closed-Captioned:  None.
  • Run Time:  1 Hour 25 Minutes.
  • Cast:  Radha Mitchell, Henry Thomas and Lin Shaye.
  • Executive Producers:  Barry Brooker, Clay Epstein, Radha Mitchell, Gina Rugolo, Lin Shaye and Stan Wertlieb.
  • Co-Executive Producer:  Ryan S. Black.
  • Producers:  Kerry Harris, Annie Stewart, Christian Taylor and Orian Williams.
  • Co-Producers:  Matthew Cochran, J. Christian Ingvordsen and Nicholas Levis.
  • Cinematographer:  George Wieser.
  • Writers:  Kerry Harris and Dan V. Shea.
  • Director:  Kerry Harris.

            To end, the brief synopsis is as follows.  Dreamkatcher (2020) is the thriller story of Gail and Josh.  The aforementioned persons, are stepmother and stepson.  Josh’s mother is dead.  Additionally, one day he decides to steal a talisman, from a neighbor.  A short time later, Gail and Josh have to pass time together; without Josh’s father.  During this time, Josh begins to have dreams of his dead mother.  In his dream, his mother commands him to murder Gail.  Luckily for Gail, Josh’s father returns to their home.  However and regrettably; the demon possession, and, dream invasion continue.

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